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MozNet.NET XulRunner Wrapper is an extremely extensible component/library that allows you to build powerful Web browser-like UI applications, with a strong emphasis on the cross-platform XUL/JS integration. MozNet.NET XulRunner Wrapper is super fast and reliable, it comes with cool features like: * Code completion for your XUL+JS objects and method calls (no java). * Full support for custom XPCOM components (popups, dialogs, etc..). * Extensibility of JavaScript capabilities: easy access to C and C++ objects and methods, added functionality using JavaScript. * More than a million (yes, million) example code snippets. * Drag-drop window management * Post/preview/full-screen/minimizable widgets * Complete management of window position and size * Subwindow support (inclusive drag-n-drop and full support for both resizable and non-resizable windows). * Full control of the browser's URL address input box * 'Bundles' of any type of files you want to support. * Full support for the Web Services API, including the ability to load and communicate with the local applet specification. * Built-in web server and web browser object creation * More than 12,000 unit tests. * Works with almost every XulRunner-compatible layout engine. * Fast, tiny and extremely easy to use. * Supports not only the native XulRunner and Mozilla XULRunner, but also the cross-browser JavaScript-XUL hybrid XulRunner and the native Java-XulRunner. * Works with the both the XPCom and the XPCom-mozilla community component systems. * Fully web-standards compliant, cross-browser and cross-platform. ... XulRunner Plugin Chrome Javascript Library XulRunner Plugin Chrome Javascript Library is a Firefox XulRunner plugin that will make it much easier to develop xul applications using the standard javascript libraries. Since I am using the Mozilla engine version 10.0.2 and the Mozilla plugin version 10.0.2 (with the plugin type xul) this extension works with the XulRunner Mozilla 10.0.2. For developers, this extension will help us use the chrome javascript libraries like the JQuery. It can work well with Firefox and Firefox extension and Firefox engine XulRunner. If you using a5204a7ec7

The Mozilla XulRunner Wrapper for.Net, MozNet, uses the default Mozilla XulRunner objects to allow you to call managed code from JavaScript. With this, you can use JavaScript to call into managed code with the same performance and more features as native XulRunner code, and more. MozNet SDK Download free demo applications to quickly get a handle on what we have. Or you can use the MozNet SDK itself to quickly get up and running with MozNet. MozNet SDK Demos Here you'll find our demo applications to get you familiar with MozNet and get a quick start. Each demo application is built to run in the moznet framework. Just install the default application and select from the list applications. Getting Started With MozNet you can call into managed code from JavaScript. The semantics of interop are identical to XULRunner (e.g. call.execMember() on a COM object) and thus the existing XULRunner API is used to call into managed code. Mozilla XulRunner COM objects are exposed to JavaScript in their autocomplete and events implementations, and they can be called using.invokeMember(). This is basically the same API used to call native XulRunner methods from JavaScript. Moznet.XPCOM.Array This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM arrays. Moznet.XPCOM.Date This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM Date objects. Moznet.XPCOM.File This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM File objects. Moznet.XPCOM.FileList This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM FileList objects. Moznet.XPCOM.FileListEntry This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM FileListEntry objects. Moznet.XPCOM.History This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM History objects. Moznet.XPCOM.Intl This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPCOM Intl objects. Moznet.XPCOM.Intl.Collator This is the native XulRunner COM implementation of XPC

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