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Taylor Conservatory 
& Botanical Gardens

The Taylor Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is funded by the Taylor Conservatory Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2005, the Foundation's mission is to maintain botanical gardens for the public to enjoy and learn from, promote culture, and preserve our natural environment.


Surround yourself and your guests with unparalleled beauty, The Conservatory, a 1/3rd scale replica of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle in Detroit, is a unique and dramatic gateway to beautiful gardens, woodlands, large lawn area and stately pines. The Gardens are open to the general public but may be reserved for private events. There are many areas for you to choose including  the Dome Structure, Masco Pavilion, Blue Stone Terrace,  Woodland Trails, Great Lawn & White Pines.


The open-air Conservatory is the only one in Michigan and is filled with seasonal displays of flowers from May to October. The Gardens offer an experience you’ll remember forever. 

Inspiring people to enhance the quality of their surroundings through the cultivation and enjoyment of flora and the arts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful public spaces, promote the arts and sciences and preserve our natural environment. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

We aim to provide a unique horticultural experience for public enjoyment and to improve the quality of life for those living and visiting the Detroit area. We also hope to strengthen our community through collaboration with regional partners to create a vibrant, energizing place to create, exhibit and perform.


The Gardens are a beautiful place for a group visit. We pride ourselves on our beautiful, creative and well-labeled plantings.

Join us for a guided tour through our many blooming flowers and immaculate facilities. Tours are given from June through October when the garden is fully planted and maximum blooms. 


Are one hour in length and can be scheduled from 10-5 p.m. Monday – Thursday. Experienced and friendly docents lead your group and share their in-depth knowledge of the Gardens and its history. Our docents provide a unique and memorable experience


Can be scheduled from 10a.m.-6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, June-October. They are 30-45 minutes in length and include viewing and learning about  plants and their  care.

Experienced and friendly docents lead your group and share their in-depth knowledge. Children must be accompanied by an adult and appropriate ratio of assistants.

Image by Nahil Naseer


The TCF Gardens provide a peaceful, serene and safe haven for those who visit and for the creatures that make this place their home. You can help protect the Gardens by following these simple steps: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, to keep TCF Gardens safe and beautiful for future generations!

  • Do not climb, sit or stand on the Conservatory structure, terrace walls or garden sculptures.

  • Refrain from picking or collecting flowers, fruits seeds or vegetables unless permission is given by TCF staff.

  • Smoking is prohibited (including e-cigarettes),

  • Please dispose of trash in waste and recycling containers.

  • Personal use photography is allowed as long as there is not a scheduled event. Walkways, flower and tree beds cannot be blocked or disturbed.

  • Professional/Commercial photography requires a permit and must be requested prior to visit.

  • Do not hang on tree limbs, walk in garden beds, or throw mulch or gravel.

  • Active sports and games — including rollerblading, skateboarding, use of scooters or bikes are not permitted on the Terrace or Masco pavilion.

  • Picnics must be booked in advance to avoid conflicts with our scheduled events. 

  • Leashed dogs are permitted on the grounds, except during scheduled events. During scheduled events, only licensed service animals are permitted on Garden grounds.

  • So visitors may enjoy the peace and serenity of the gardens; do not play radios, MP3 players or other types of amplified sound or noise makers unless prior permission has been received from TCF staff.

  • Use Garden benches or chairs for resting. Do not stand on benches.

Thank you!


in the Gardens

Welcome to the Gardens! If you are a casual visitor to the gardens or a customer who has reserved the Gardens for an event, you are welcome to take as many photos as you like for your personal use. Just be sure to follow the guidelines in our Photography Policy.

If you are getting paid to take photos of people in the Gardens or Conservatory, you must follow our photo policy and schedule in advance to avoid conflicts and pay a nominal fee. Click here to schedule.  This applies to photos such as high school senior photos, individual portraits, engagement and couples portraits, family photos, birthday portraits, and wedding parties not booked through the Taylor Conservatory.

Why can’t you just show up and take pictures? We are a separate non-profit that exists to promote the beauty and power of plants in our world. We are not affiliated with the city of Taylor, and receive no funding from them. We rely on donations, fundraising and events to keep the Gardens and Conservatory looking beautiful and provide programs for everyone to enjoy. We maintain our current seven acres of property, including the parking lots, woodland, Great Lawn, Pavilion, Conservatory, bluestone terrace, conifer trees, and many gardens. In addition to planting thousands of flowers each year, we pay for mowing, fertilizing, watering, electrical, upkeep, tree care, and more. We cannot it without your support, and we are most appreciative of yours.

Photo shoots must be scheduled in advance. We reserve the right to limit the use of our facilities for photography based on events, rental arrangements and high traffic days at Conservatory. To ensure you your clients have a positive experience, we highly recommend that you schedule ahead of time.

Photography classes, clubs or groups: Please call ahead so that we can put you on the schedule and let you know of any events that may limit your activities. Donations are appreciated — there are envelopes in the Conservatory and place in the tall metal Sunflower inside the dome. We ask that professional photographers not advertise our Gardens as a photo shoot location without permission from us, or use images of our Conservatory and Gardens without proper payment. Professional photographers using our facilities for business purposes are asked to pay the fees listed above if they apply — in other cases, please make a donation to Taylor Conservatory Foundation.


We Need Your Support Today!

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