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Taylor Rotary Sponsors Music July 28th

Music & Art in the Gardens is featuring local talent tonight. Just 3 Guitars (FKA Just 2 Guitars) will play the songs you know and love.

Fine art by Carolyn Whittico will be on display. Carolyn specializes in mixed media illustration using watercolor and digital paint. She is a self-taught artist and has been experimenting since youth. Her illustrations welcome viewers to dive into the seldom-reached feelings of nostalgia and gloom, and find a mental plane of comfort in sorrow. Exploration of the self is not always a happy journey and that’s okay. Cool colors, little windows, and ghosts of the imagination invoke an inner feeling of wonder. We are all children somewhere, discovering things in life for the first time.

Taylor Kennedy Class of 1966 is celebrating their reunion @ the show

Rotary Club of Taylor The Rotary Club of Taylor is the sponsor for tonight's Music & Art in the Gardens and is one of the Taylor Conservatory and Botanical Gardens founding organizations. As Rotary continues to support the Gardens, we invite you to join our team to play in the Charity Softball Tournament. Our co-ed team will consist of 15 players.

Please email if you wish to play on August 14th.

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