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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The year 2020 will not easily be forgotten. It has changed the way we live and interact with others. It has caused uncertainty and disruption in all our routines. The Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens have been hit hard by these effects and have had to find new ways to continue on our mission to create beautiful public spaces, promote the arts and sciences, and preserve our natural environment. We appreciate all of the volunteers, visitors, patrons and supporters who made so many things possible during this difficult year. With your help we...

· Hosted ourfirst annual Tea on the Terrace Series

· Installed a new native plant garden sponsored by the

Taylor Garden Club

· Hosted Pollinator Day youth educational workshop

· Partnered with local Rotary clubs to host World Polio Day

educational awareness event

· Hosted ourfirst annual Scarecrow Stroll and decorating contest

· D&B Landscaping Livonia designed and maintained our annual Knot Garden display

· Created new walking trails through the 1.5 acres woodlands while preserving natural pollinator habitats via the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors Placemaking grant

· Modified the 9th Annual Music & Art in Gardens summer concert series to accommodate proper social distancing and other safety precautions

Happy Thanksgiving from the Taylor Conservatory Foundation

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